What’s new in Lightspeed Restaurant’s POS app?


  • We fixed an occasional issue where orders sent at the same time to the kitchen would have duplicate sequence numbers
  • We fixed an issue where tables in Quick Service mode would occasionally display order status changes. The status colour of tables in Quick Service mode now won’t change when an order is complete
  • We fixed an issue where deleted customers with RFID cards were occasionally still linked to receipts when their RFID card was scanned

What’s new in Lightspeed Restaurant Manager?


  • We fixed an issue where products within adjusted combos were not appearing in the correct Category reports if an adjusted combo had been deleted
  • We fixed an issue where emails containing customer invoices were previously only available in English – you can now send invoice emails in your account’s specified language. Check out this article for more information on how to adjust your account’s language. Please note that invoicing is only available in the UK, BE, FR, and NL.

NOTE: Some features require your LiteServer to be updated to version 7.13. This update will take place automatically. If you want to have your LiteServer updated sooner, please contact Support.