General Information

This release of OnSite is upgrading our database from 32-bit to 64-bit. In order to do this transition the upgrade now contains an obligatory backup section. It is critical that the you do not use Lightspeed Onsite during the entire upgrade process.

Please allow extra time when scheduling your upgrade window. It is anticipated that this upgrade may take up to 2 hour for most stores. Depending on your hardware and whether you have a large number of products, invoices or images in your database, the upgrade may take longer. You may contact support for a more accurate estimate of upgrade time.

Enhancements and fixes



  • We’ve improved the performance of Smart Finds by reducing the frequency at which OnSite reloads Smart Finds from the server.
  • We’ve improved the start-up performance of the OnSite server after restoring a database backup with product photos excluded.
  • We’ve improved logging to assist with debugging of multi-store sync errors.
  • OnSite’s Backup mechanism will now ignore postgres temp files when performing system back-ups.
  • We’ve added a (configurable) refresh delay to improve performance with StoreMaster. Please contact our Support team for assistance with configuring this new delay mechanism.
  • We’ve reduced the size of OnSite’s server logs; this ensures the logs are of a reasonable size when transferring to our Support/Engineering teams for troubleshooting.
  • We’ve made PIN login more secure.
  • For added security, we’ve updated OnSite to use the TLS 1.2 protocol whenever possible.
  • You now have the ability to set the OnSite Server to run with a higher priority on the Mac system where OnSite is installed. This is ONLY recommended for machines that are used as dedicated servers. To change the server’s priority, go to System > Lightspeed Server > Advanced > Performance tab.
  • We’ve greatly improved the loading times for live rules; you should see a noticeable performance improvement when more than 25 rules are in use.
  • OnSite is now certified for payment processing with Vantiv triPOS.
  • POS mode in OnSite now displays a warning message for Moneris when a payment request is only partially approved.
  • OnSite now supports the new manual payments on the Moneris terminal firmware 11.17. To input manual credit card data on the updated Moneris terminal, you must: enable manual transaction in the Moneris terminal’s general settings AND select the manual transaction option when initiating the transaction. If your terminal hasn’t been upgraded, there is no need to change your workflow.


  • Fixed an issue that intermittently causes a crash when editing the description of a product line item on outbound transfers.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue resulting in the system hanging when adding a payment terminal for the first time.
  • Fixed an issue where connections occasionally drop when switching between remote locations.
  • Fixed an occasional connection failure when trying to log back in to the same OnSite server.
  • Fixed an issue with quantities being incorrect on transfers with serialized products.
  • Fixed an issue where the names of walk-in customers are not added correctly to return invoices.
  • Fixed several issues causing inventory to be lost or re-created during inbound and outbound transfers.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the source store may change on inbound transfers.
  • Fixed an issue where combining customer credit and gift card payments causes OnSite to hang or crash.
  • Fixed an issue where editing an invoice with a linked order causes OnSite to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where when opening an invoice, OnSite requests a user’s authentication credentials twice before allowing access to the invoice.
  • Fixed several issues that cause inventory to remain in transit when transferring between stores.
  • Fixed an issue where adding a Matrix’s child products to an invoice via search results results in blank line items.
  • Fixed an issue that results in OnSite crashing while working with Transfers In/Out.
  • Fixed an issue where OnSIte deducts the specified amount from a Gift Card even after the corresponding purchase is cancelled.
  • Fixed an issue where Supplier Invoices disappear when changing from StoreMaster to POS mode and back again.

POS Mode


  • OnSite will work with the Moneris terminal firmware: version 11.17


  • Fixed an issue that affects receipt printing on Cayan.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sell Below Minimum Margin isn’t being respected.
  • Fixed an issue with terminal set up that results in some required fields not being displayed.


  • We’ve made changes to the OnSite server to prevent ReportMaster from hanging while generating reports.


  • Fixed a rare case where if stores are slightly out of sync, OnSite applies the wrong tax status.


  • Fixed an issue where Custom Fields are not respected with eCom web orders.



  • OnSite now prints out 0.00 for the Tax field when there are no taxes specified/applied on Quotes, Orders, SROs, Purchase Orders and Supplier Invoices. As part of this enhancement we’ve added a new field translation for the Tax field. If you’ve made changes to OnSite’s field translations or if  you use custom languages, you may need to review the defaults values and update them accordingly.


  • Fixed an issue where the Print dialog displays when the Without Dialog box option is enabled. Quotes, Orders, SROs, Purchase Orders and Supplier Invoices will now respect this setting.



  • We’ve added a label in the Import Tool that displays the date format to use when importing to OnSite.
  • We’ve included two new Matrix fields for Product Exports: Master Model and Master Product Code.


  • Fixed an issue where OnSite crashes when exporting line items. If you’re still experiencing this issue after upgrading to OnSite 2018.2, please clear your presets and try again.
  • Fixed an issue where updating the costs of products via product import results in multiple entries of a supplier.  



  • The API now allows you to set the default tax exemption (tax status) for customers.
  • We’ve updated the API to respect the credit_hold setting sent to the server for a customer.
  • We’ve enhanced security with improved database filtering in the API, existing addons may be affected.


  • The version/revision history in the API documentation was incorrect; this has been fixed.

Purchase Orders

  • Fixed an issue where when partially receiving a non-serialized product in Purchase Orders, updates to the Qty Rcvd column are considered as successive additions instead of a total.
  • Fixed an issue with Purchase Orders where the sort functionality wasn’t being applied to product code column.
  • Fixed a problem where when partially receiving a serialized product in a Purchase Order, updates to the Qty Rcvd column would add all its serial numbers successfully but result in inventory discrepancies.
  • Fixed an issue with negative Purchase Orders (Supplier Returns) where negative values in the Qty Rcvd column were converted to positive values.
  • Fixed an issue with Purchases Orders where when a product has a reorder quantity of >1 in the Actions screen, clicking Generate PO only adds 1 quantity of the product to the automatically generated Purchase Order.

Known Issues

  • Purchase orders don’t force a save before navigating to the Receiving tab.
  • There is an occasional issue with Transfers where product serial numbers are sometimes not sent to the receiving store. This can be corrected by simply cancelling the TI/TO and recreating it. If you experience this infrequent issue, please contact us to share your experience.