• LightSpeed Pro 3.9.5 now requires OS X 10.7 or higher
  • Support payload tool now has a GUI in LightSpeed Server preference pane


  • Fixed a case where Inventory Report (Apple GDV) could time out
  • Emailing a receipt from the POS correctly displays fine print information
  • Corrected a rare case where tax for an invoice line item would not display when a cash payment is applied
  • Updated “Print Invoice if Unpaid” privilege to “Finish Invoices if Unpaid”

Payment Processing

  • Axia: Fixed an issue where cardholder data was not being transmitted
  • Merchant Warehouse: refund payments save the auth code successfully


  • Size/Color Matrix relationships are now read/write via API
  • Product Tax Status is now read/write via API
  • Fixed an issue where product costs written via API would not display in product card


  • Matrix child products no longer need to be set to “not visible individually”