Important note

As of this release, the Axia,, and Heartland payment gateways will no longer be supported. By focusing on fewer supported payment providers, we are able to continue to maintain the highest levels of security to protect your business. In order to prevent possible future vulnerabilities in your security, we urge you to update to the latest version of OnSite and migrate to one of the following supported payment gateways:

  • Cayan (USA only)
  • Tyro (Australia only)
  • Moneris (Canada only)

As of OnSite release 2019.1.0.0, Lightspeed OnSite requires macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later. Please be advised that macOS 10.14 (Mojave) is only compatible with Lightspeed OnSite version 2019 1.0.0 and later.

We recommend upgrading Lightspeed OnSite to at least 2018 3.0.3 before updating your operating system to macOS 10.14 (Mojave).

If you are several Lightspeed OnSite releases behind and would like to update to macOS 10.14 (Mojave), we recommend updating your operating system and Lightspeed OnSite as follows:

  1. Ensure macOS is updated to 10.12.
  2. Upgrade Lightspeed OnSite to 2018.3.0.3.
  3. Update macOS to 10.14 (Mojave).
  4. Upgrade Lightspeed to 2019.1

If you have any questions or need assistance updating your system, please contact our OnSite Support team, available 24/7.


Lightspeed OnSite uses a root certificate to establish a secure connection between the server and the client. The original certificate included in OnSite at its release has a 10-year lifespan which will expire on July 22nd, 2019. This update renews that certificate to ensure your continued access to Lightspeed OnSite after that date. More information on this root certificate renewal can be found on the Help Center.

We’ve added the ability to reset passwords for administrative users in the Lightspeed System Preference Pane. The passwords are reset to a random value that can be copied and pasted when logging in. They must then be changed immediately.

We’ve improved the uninstaller, which will make reinstalling OnSite a lot smoother and easier.

We’ve updated the visuals for OnSite when running your system in Dark Mode.

Bug fixes


  • Selecting Check for updates from the Lightspeed menu will no longer fail to show available updates.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing large backups to time out.
  • Help buttons that lead to dead links no longer do.
  • Corrected a long standing issue with credits being incorrectly generated when unpaid invoices were returned.
  • Fixed an issue with pricing levels not being correctly applied to prices that had been edited.
  • Fixed an obscure issue that caused a user’s profile to crash if it had corrupted search filters.
  • Editable prices and non-editable prices will now behave the same way when products update from their product info on invoices, quotes, orders, and SROs.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing MYOB and QuickBooks exports to occasionally crash.
  • Product custom fields will now export properly when exporting invoice line items.
  • Fixed an issue with saved exports that prevented certain UTF-8 characters from being saved correctly, causing the need to recreate the export.

Warehouses and inventory

  • The 0 inventory for uncounted products feature in inventory counts will now properly apply to warehouse products.
  • Quantities counted for a product during an inventory count that match the stock quantity of that product in a warehouse will now be updated correctly.
  • When counting inventory in warehouses, the stock count for all warehouses is displayed, accounted for, and will be zeroed-out for products which have not been counted.

Line items and sell price

  • Line items on an invoice with a quantity discount applied will remain discounted if the invoice is saved, reopened, and a new line item is added.
  • Line items will only be reloaded when the line is set to auto-calculate.

Known issues

The development team is researching solutions to these issues:

  • Starting with version 2018.3.0.3, some multistore customers have reported that serialized products can get stuck in transit after canceling a transfer.
  • A recently reported issue has been traced back as far as version 2016 1.1.0 that may cause QuickBooks exports to hang in some cases, even while trying to export as little as 1 day. This can affect customers with a large invoice history. Please contact support for assistance with your export if you believe you are experiencing this behavior.
  • When reopening an invoice that was paid for with a gift card, you may encounter the error dialog “Sorry, there was an error with the sells. It may be too long or contain invalid characters.” Until the issue is resolved, remove and re-add the customer to correct this error.