• We’ve added a (new) Deposit column on the Orders view in StoreMaster. The Deposit column displays the dollar amount of the total deposits on the order, and the column is color coded to indicate a partial (yellow) or full (green) deposit. (By default, the Deposit column is hidden in StoreMaster after you upgrade to Lightspeed OnSite 1.2.3).



  • Fixed an issue where printing a full-page document containing product images causes the background of the images to print black if the associated PNG files have a transparent background.
  • Fixed an issue where photos taken with camera via photopicker appear as white images. (Adding images via drag & drop works as expected.)
  • Fixed an issue where some printer settings in StoreMaster’s Station Setup are not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Lightspeed OnSite crashes when batch printing owing statements.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting an alternate printer in the Print dialogue will not work properly if the default printer (under System Preferences) is NOT set to Last Printer Used.


  • Fixed an issue where dragging a photo directly from a website to the Product Photo drawer will cause Lightspeed OnSite to (intermittently) crash.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to save an image that was added to the Product Photo drawer produces a blank image.
  • Fixed an issue where the contents of the Inventory tab do not display correctly after disabling the Enable Inventory Reservations option (under Tools > Setup > Company Setup > General).
  • Fixed an issue where printing eCom orders with images causes Lightspeed OnSite to crash.

Order downloads

  • Fixed an issue where eCom orders are not being downloaded properly or are being downloaded without their corresponding deposits.

Known Issues (in OnSite 2016 1.2+)

  • Lightspeed OnSite crashes when running Intelligence > Accounts Receivable on Date reports.
  • In some cases, pre-existing eCom orders that had been credited and invoiced prior to Lightspeed OnSite version 1.2.3 may show up in StoreMaster as Invoiced but with a Credit remaining. This is a display issue; to resolve it simply re-open the eCom order.