General Fixes

  • Orders downloaded from eCommerce now display the eCommerce Order number in the notes section of the Order in OnSite
  • Lightspeed eCommerce is now out of Beta and is available for General Availability in North America
  • Fixed an issue where a user was unable to upgrade to OnSite 2016 when the discount field on an invoice contained a special character
  • Fixed an issue in POS Mode where the first line item didn’t highlight upon selection
  • GSX Endpoints have been updated for the latest Apple GSX Update
  • Fixed an issue where a return invoice made from an invoice that was an eCommerce order would calculate the wrong tax amount
  • Notifications now appear in OnSite when an Order is downloaded from eCommerce
  • Fixed an issue where the timestamp would not update when converting an Order to an Invoice

Tax Inclusive

  • Tax Inclusive: The margin display on the Product card is now properly recalculated after changing the selling price

API (Documentation)

  • New Search Resources API
  • Contract changes on Invoices
  • Orders API is now available

Known Issues

  • POS Mode: Adding an item after searching will return to search view (in some cases)
  • Tax-Inclusive: Exporting to MYOB with a tax rate of 3 decimal places can cause rounding issues on invoices
  • Tax-Inclusive: Creating a backorder invoice can cause the sell column to be incorrect