Sales Events

Sales Events gives you more control over which discounts are offered, and when!

  • Plan your holiday sales and back-to-school sales ahead of time.
  • Make sure your salespeople are applying only the right discounts.
  • Rest easy knowing sale pricing will expire automatically when the sale is over.
  • Print labels for your sale items to let your shoppers know the best deals.
  • Use ReportMaster to track the performance of your Sales Events. How successful was your back-to-school sale?
  • Pricing for Sales Events works from iPad and Mobile
  • Sales Events are API-ready for LightSpeed API developers.

Drag-and-Drop is Back!

You asked for it and we listened. We brought back the ability to drag and drop products into sales documents and POs, or to print product labels.


Improved Multi-Store Passwords

Communication between your stores is now maintained securely even when Multi-Store passwords are changed.


Purchase Order API

Lightspeed API developers can now create powerful purchasing integrations. We’ve added the ability to create, update and receive purchase orders via the API.


Advanced Reporting Uploader

Your sales data can now be uploaded directly to Advanced Reporting without you having to set up a specialized network configuration. Advanced Reporting users will be able to take advantage of the uploader in the coming weeks as we roll out new infrastructure.


Bug Fixes

  • Entering Web Short Descriptions longer than 4096 no longer causes a crash
  • PO line items now display properly in the StoreMaster preview pane
  • Missing quantity discount pricing no longer results in a sell of 0.00
  • Multi-Store replication now correctly updates cost, supplier, class, and family
  • Multi-Store gift card redeem no longer crashes when the local store has no gift card product