Apple GSX

  • New GSX Setup Window for allowing the use of certificates and private keys to comply with the new regulations
  • New Product Lookup window for the new AppleCare Connect API’s
  • New Warranty Lookup window for the new AppleCare Connect API’s
  • New Carry­In Repair window for the new AppleCare Connect API’s
  • Fixed an issue for customers in Australia where a serial number that was greater than a year old would cause a warranty status lookup error
  • Fixed an issue where lowercase serial numbers would return an error on warranty status lookup
  • Fixed an issue with the Carry­In Repair window and CompTIA parts would display an error if no CompTIA parts were allowed for that product
  • New Test Connection button in the GSX settings window to properly test the new certificate connection method
  • Fixed an issue where a Carry­In Repair would not save the results to the notes field of the Purchase Order
  • Added a datepicker to the Carry­In Repair window
  • Performing a return on a multi­store invoice now allows you to return the invoice more than once (before only 1 return on an invoice was allowed no matter how many items were returned).
  • Fixed an issue with Multi­Store Replication that did not replicate all of the basic Supplier information
Bug Fixes
  • Accounts Receivable on date report now excludes payments made after the selected date
  • Downloading a Web Order with quantity discounts now displays the correct selling price
  • An invoice with a non­inventoried item with a cost now properly displays the cogs/margin column in StoreMaster
  • Fixed an issue where an upgrade to OnSite 2015 2.2 would fail if you had multiple payment methods with the same name
  • Fixed an issue where Webstore would fail to upload due to a Family attribute error
  • Fixed an issue when the “default mail application” was set to Outlook and document windows with attachments would open Apple Mail instead.