Bug Fixes


  • Added support for OS X Mavericks
  • Adding the same product multiple times to a document now correctly increments related items
  • The same deposit can no longer be applied multiple times from more than one station
  • Fixed a display issue when changing the height of the customer or supplier preview panel
  • Gallery image is now preserved when navigating among resource types
  • Default supplier is no longer replaced when manually adding a cost from a PO
  • Deleting numerous suppliers no longer displays multiple authentication messages
  • Fixed a display issue when deleting resources in StoreMaster
  • Resizing parked items no longer creates a visual glitch in preview
  • Initiating a payment via Moneris without first specifying a terminal now displays an improved message
  • Product description is no longer duplicated in matrix child products created before the master is saved
  • Deleting a POS or Web Category without removing it from products no longer causes LightSpeed to quit

eCommerce and Notifications

  • Adding two or more products to an Invoice with custom field data exceeding 1023 characters no longer causes an error
  • Web Order Notifications from Magento are no longer created erroneously
  • All Notifications can now be dismissed in one action
  • Clearing a large number of Notifications no longer causes LightSpeed to quit
  • Fixed an issue where PayPal payments to Magento would not download into LightSpeed
  • eCommerce panel no longer displays old version number


  • Invoices created in POS are now timestamped more accurately
  • Pricing Level information no longer displays erroneously in POS mode
  • Emailing a receipt now displays fine print information
  • Non-default supplier codes now searchable in StoreMaster
  • Pricing level list in POS mode is now only displayed when the arrow is clicked


  • Fixed an issue where non-admin users could not authenticate to start or stop their timesheets
  • Fixed a rare issue where opening a running timesheet would cause an unexpected error
  • Timesheet export formatting from StoreMaster is now consistent with ReportMaster


  • Fixed a rare issue where Multi-Store lookups would cause LightSpeed to quit
  • Cancelled Transfer Out documents are no longer exported to accounting software
  • Fixed an issue where Multi-Store lookup might mismatch store and inventory levels


  • Custom date values can now be specified via the keyboard in ReportMaster
  • Fixed an issue where the “Last Month” filter would display incorrect dates in ReportMaster
  • Added an explanatory label to the Taxes by Product report in ReportMaster
  • Custom column widths will now be properly respected when printing reports


  • Selling price is now displayed in tax-inclusive environments when products are created via the API