Multi store POS

Manage and oversee all your stores with one platform

Built for ambitious retailers, Lightspeed's innovative platform helps you simplify your operations and scale faster.

Streamline operations, reduce stress and keep staff happy with enterprise POS software.

District managers, store leaders and staff appreciate Lightspeed's easy to use tools and workflows.

  • Handle complex product ranges and fulfillment requirements with robust inventory management capabilities
  • Customize workflows based on your unique processes to speed up checkout
  • Make data-driven decisions with real-time dashboards and reports on sales, inventory, customers and more
  • Continue processing sales and keep your stores running smoothly even without internet connectivity with offline mode

Oversee all your stores, teams and sales channels from one single source of truth.

Make your team's life easier. Manage and automate the moving parts of your business with Lightspeed's centralized POS system for franchises, multi store operations and enterprise businesses.

  • Stay on top of inventory across all stores, automate replenishments and transfer stock easily
  • Replicate workflows, settings and tasks for multiple stores, channels and users to scale seamlessly
  • Sell on social media, marketplaces and ecommerce from one platform without having to manage additional systems
  • Easily gather insights with one system of record for your business

Enterprise pos software that helps you delight customers across multiple stores and channels.

Improve customer acquisition, retention and loyalty through exceptional cross-channel experiences that keep shoppers coming back.

Flexible payments
Maximize sales with fast and secure payments options; accept credit cards, buy now, pay later, deposits and more.

Rewards across channels
Let customers shop everywhere by effortlessly offering loyalty, promotions and gift cards in-store and online.

Targeted marketing
Segment your customers and run targeted marketing campaigns via email, SMS and social media.

Deep customer knowledge
Build customer profiles and track their purchase history to personalize their shopping experience.

Seamlessly integrate Lightspeed with your existing systems.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Integrate Lightspeed with your ERP software to streamline finance and operations


Keep your books in check by connecting Lightspeed to accounting platforms such as Quickbooks, Xero and MYOB

Staff management

Simplify staff management by integrating your rostering and workforce management system


Go multi-channel with Lightspeed eCom or by connecting your system to Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce

Enjoy fast and stress-free implementation for your new multi store POS.

We do the heavy lifting to implement Lightspeed in all your stores. Launch the platform in a few weeks without disrupting your team or customers.

  • Get priority local support for you and your store teams via phone, email or chat in minutes—24/7
  • Work with a dedicated Account Manager who knows retail and your business
  • Design a customized implementation plan with our onboarding team
  • Set user specific access and role training to control what your staff see and learn

Be more competitive with best in class enterprise POS software.

Access enterprise-level tools, insights and automations—without the massive price tag.

  • Access in-depth sales data, identify trends and profile your customers to gain better visibility
  • Expand your global and local presence; boost your reach on social media and Google with built-in tools and integrations
  • Launch the platform in a few weeks without disrupting your team or customers—we do the heavy lifting to implement Lightspeed in all your stores
  • Create your own store shopping app that you can manage from your POS with no tech support required

Popular integrations for multi-store businesses

Sleek and sophisticated point of sale display with recipt printer and portable handheld payment device.

Retail POS hardware? We've got it.

Whether you're stationing your POS on the counter or walking around with an iPad, Lightspeed will help you find the right retail hardware setup. Your perfect wireless experience awaits.

How customizable is your POS?

Lightspeed is very customizable, thanks to extensive integration partners and an open API.

Can I manage multiple stores using Lightspeed?

Yes, Lightspeed's multi store POS system is specifically designed to handle the complexities of managing multiple outlets effortlessly.

Once you've got your initial store up and running, setting up new stores is easy: all you need to do is duplicate data from an existing store on Lightspeed to expedite the setup process. Once additional stores are operational, you can seamlessly navigate between different Lightspeed back offices from a single platform.

After the stores are operational, managing inventory across locations is straightforward. Transfer stock between stores, place orders for any location using a unified system and access comprehensive business data either collectively or for individual stores. Customer profiles and sales histories are consistent across all locations and channels, ensuring a cohesive shopping experience for your customers.

Can your software handle multiple tax rates?

Yes, Lightspeed is an enterprise POS software than can handle multiple tax rates.

Taxes in Lightspeed can be set at a number of different levels:

-A default tax for your entire store, made up of one or more tax types.
-A tax rate on an individual product for all outlets. This may be no tax or any of the taxes you've created for your store.