Lightspeed Retail POS app

In our new shopping era, commerce needs to be unified. Creating a unique customer experience that remains consistent across every touch point, is the key to success. And at the heart of it all? A mobile point of sale. Intelligent software that has powerful back-office functionality and the finesse of a mobile checkout - giving you control over your entire business within just a few tabs.

The new Lightspeed Retail POS app is the link between running your business and building customer loyalty. We’ve combined the power and flexibility of Lightspeed Retail that manages inventory, advanced sales features (like special orders, layaways, work orders), control employee privileges, and run reports - with our streamlined iPad checkout experience. The result - the unification of design, simplicity, and intuitive functionality.

You’ve thought about running your entire store from an iPad - now you can.

Everything you need in a mobile POS

The new Lightspeed Retail POS App combines all of the advanced inventory management features from Lightspeed Retail with an optimized iPad POS experience.

  • Quickly switch between the branded POS and Retail Manager screens - whenever or how often as you’d like.
  • Intuitive icons, larger tappable areas, and simpler navigation throughout the App to improve accuracy and workflow.
  • Access all of the Lightspeed Retail Manager tools such as inventory management, reports, account settings, and advanced sales features like special orders, layaways, work orders from within the App.
  • Easily control employee access to more sensitive features such as refunds, the ability to edit product and pricing information, or view sales data.
  • The ability for employees to clock in and out directly from within the POS screen using their employee PIN, rather than using a separate time-sheet tracking tool.

A register that’s as fast as you are.

Reduce checkout times with improved scan, swipe, sign and print features.

  • New hardware integrations improve barcode scanning and lets you add items to your register faster than ever.
  • Swipe your customer’s credit card from anywhere in the sales App to close the sale and take payment - at any time.
  • Customers can sign directly on any touch-enabled device, completing the sale with ease.
  • Remove the need for paper-based receipts and go digital - deliver customer receipts via e-mail.
  • If your clients choose paper receipts, reduce the number of clicks by setting up automated receipt printing.

For further instructions, follow our step by step guide on how to get started.