Welcome to the Item Importing Tool Private Beta


Please read our feature documentation (carefully) to avoid making undesired changes to your inventory.

Or set up a test account to try out the feature first before attempting an import on your account - Click here to send us an email to set up it up.

Known Issues (last updated August 3rd 2015)

Thanks to your feedback we’ve identified the following issues and are in the process of addressing them:

We have seen issues with imports that include items/products with matrices. We currently do not fully support products with matrices

Completing an import that includes products listed on your Web Store may result in synchronization errors, requiring you to manually re-list the affected products back to Web Store

Vendors/Manufacturers/Categories/Tags do not get removed when restoring your inventory to a previous state (restoring your store can only be is performed by our support team)

What’s Up Next

Lots of time saving goodies to come including:

Advanced error handling to better understand the status of an import job

Better matching algorithms to allow for more flexible product matching


We’d like to take this opportunity to ask you a few questions about your experience so far.

These are just some guiding questions to get you started — they’re not required, but we are eager to hear your thoughts about your experience! If you feel there is anything that we could do to improve your experience, please let us know by sending feedback to [email protected]

How was your first import?

Did you find it easy to import your products? Were there any areas with which you experienced difficulty?

Did you use the sample CSV file for your import?

Is the feature visually appealing and intuitive?

Was the set-up documentation helpful?

Does the import tool improve your overall importing experience?

Are there any features you think are missing that would benefit yourself or other customers?

Rather talk over the phone?

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