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Zinc lets your customers instantly insure their purchase at checkout.

Zinc Platform is a venture backed insurance technology business based in New York City. Zinc’s technology makes insurance an “add to cart” experience. We are deeply committed to our retailer partners and their success.  

What does it solve? What does it improve? What does it increases? Where is the added value to a customers’ current business?

Example: does it save time? More revenue? Better management?

  • Empower your customer to buy with confidence

Describe the integrations’ most important feature or USP. Where does your integration distinguish itself from competiting integrations? Or what do you want highlight?

Example: integrate with existing systems? Multilingual? Cheapest? Most user-friendly dashboard?

  • Offer Insurance at Checkout Today and Start Growing New Revenue!

Customers love numbers/results. They think; what does it bring me? Example: integration X saves you 5 minutes per customer/order.

Consumers are 55% more likely to buy if insurance is offered at checkout.


  • Zinc makes it simple and easy to let your customers insure their purchase at checkout.
  • Customers are more likely to buy when they can protect their purchase.
  • Deploying with Zinc takes minutes and lets you make more money right away.



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