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Get your brick and mortar store buzzing

Let bnklesearch bring the 80% of customers who still prefer to shop in-store* to your doorstep – and with real intent to buy. bnklesearch is the only Product Location Search App for Shoppers. It allows them to search for exactly what they want and to see what’s available in the brick and mortar stores around them.
bnkleSearch connects directly to the your Point of Sale system, allowing it to share your locations and selected products, stock levels and more with shoppers using bnkleSearch.
While retailers the world over struggle to keep their stores open, get yours buzzing with bnkleSearch


  • Your POS products are your ads – no extra design or data entry work
  • Products are only shown to shoppers actually looking for them – no waste
  • Products shown in order of distance from location – all ads are equal


  • Everyone gets 1,000 product views per month forever FREE
  • To get more views, there is a ‘pay as you use’ plan. 1,000 views per $1
  • Set a budget and at the end of the month pay only for what you’ve used


  • Click ‘WEB APP’ or JOIN FREE below to create a free account
  • Confirm your Lightspeed integration to auto-sync with bnkle
  • Choose which products you want to display – and that’s it!



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