Make your business shine bright with the right POS system

The best inventory management system for fireworks stores

Fireworks store owners know better than anyone that inventory management is critical to the success of a business. From a single firecracker to multiple sets of fireworks, your inventory is a complex and rapidly evolving system. Lightspeed’s POS solution always lets you know what you sell and what you have in stock.

Disappointing customers by running out of stock? Never again with Lightspeed Retail.

Sell everywhere, anytime

Whether you are at your fireworks store, at a local festival or the most popular fair in the country, all your data is right at your fingertips. You can offer your customers the same experience everywhere by going where they are and process transactions right away.

Two events on the same day? Be everywhere.

Send your staff where you cannot be and keep an overview of your operation with live sales data updates.

Let the most powerful POS system work for you.

Show your customers how important they are

Our POS is here so that you don’t have to worry about your POS.

Lightspeed Retail helps you focus on the people you have started a business for, the customers. Implement loyalty programs including discounts and customer status so your most loyal customers are rewarded as VIPs and keep coming back.

Their satisfaction is your success.

Enlightening reports for brighter decisions

With Lightspeed Retail, spending hours generating your data becomes history. Make informed decisions easily with automatic and detailed reporting. Our point of sale gives you directly all the intel you need to run a more profitable fireworks store. You can also customize your reports to only generate the data that is relevant to your business. All the insight you need to adjust your strategy and see your sales rise is right here.

With flexible pricing, the price is always right


A good pricing strategy is a flexible pricing strategy. Your POS software should allow you to update prices as demand changes and create discounts instantly so products don’t stay in your inventory for months. Our point of sale software allows you to have multiple discount options for a single item and custom prices for special events. Adapt constantly to sell constantly.