A vape shop POS system to blow the competition out of the water

Whether you’re running a brand new e-cigarette store or a well-established vaping business, our vape store POS offers you a user-friendly and powerful point of sale to simplify stock management, improve customer satisfaction and keep you one step ahead.

Tailor your offering to your customers

Want to be able to offer every customer that walks into your vape store the most tailored service possible? With our point of sale, you can put your items into custom categories to help you quickly make recommendations to your customers in line with their needs.

You can tag your items per manufacturer or product type - such as vape kits or vape accessories, so you can show your customers all products that match their requirements and increase your chances of making a sale.

Automate your stock orders

Ordering and reordering items from your various suppliers doesn’t have to cost you time and money. Our POS comes with pre-loaded catalogs from trusted vendors in the vaping industry, so you can import items directly into your inventory rather than inputting every single one manually.

When a customer wants to buy a vape product you don’t stock, you can quickly order it from the various catalogs you have at your fingertips.

Gain a competitive advantage with a scalable inventory

More traditional cigarette smokers are now switching to e-cigarettes. Your vaping business therefore needs to cater for the growing number of customers and their needs.

Unlike many POS solutions, our POS is scalable, offering you an unlimited number of stock keeping units (SKUs), so you can sell as many e-juice flavors and vaping devices as you like. Offer more choice to your customers to stay ahead of the competition.

“Having Lightspeed helping us to manage our business is definitely part of the reason we’ve been able to expand.”

- Mario Tuneta, Owner, G2K Vape

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Better organize your items

Vape store owners know that organization is critical to the smooth running of a successful business. With our point of sale you can categorize similar items together to streamline your inventory management. Set up your e-juice according to volume, potency and flavor in half the time, using our POS's three-feature matrices.

Our POS solution is much more than your average point of sale. With advanced and flexible stock management and an easy-to-use interface, it’s the perfect tool for managing all your vape store operations.

Think we sound like a good fit?

Lightspeed has been featured by:

“Lightspeed allows shop owners to create an online presence by processing sales that occur on their website and at their physical store location.”
Wall Street Journal
“Lightspeed, which differentiates itself from competitors like Square and PayPal with its back-office software, is gearing up for expansion.”


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