The ideal restaurant POS for your takeout business

Take payments anywhere

Finalize bills, process payments, print receipts and/or email them to patrons in your restaurant, on the road or on your customers’ doorstep. Depending on your processor, you can accept all major forms of payment including cash, debit, credit and even Apple pay.

Customize your receipts

Encourage customers to stay in touch by customizing your receipts with your restaurant logo or a QR code that links to your website or social media pages. You can also add an order number on your receipts for takeout to avoid any confusion and accelerate the payment process.

We offer such a variety of different services... One thing we want to make sure that never goes wrong is our POS.

- Elliot Anderson, Georgia Theatre
Show your customers you care

Show your customers you care

Identify your most loyal customers and your biggest spenders, and know their all-time favorites. By learning their go-to menu items, you can offer a tailored service and loyalty discounts to ensure repeat business. Your POS can save your customers’ order history so that even your newest staff can offer them “the usual”. Our iPad interface is easy to use so all your staff –– new recruits and longstanding team members –– can navigate the POS easily and feel comfortable using the system in no time.

By centralizing your menu information into a single platform, you will give your employees all the information they need to properly answer customers’ questions about your menu. If patrons don’t know what to order, your staff can help them decide by showing them full-screen images of your menu items on the iPad. Lightspeed’s restaurant POS gives you all the necessary tools to offer superior customer service, ensuring that patrons leave your restaurant satisfied and looking forward to their next visit.

Use the interface designed for your industry

Master the system in minutes, easily train staff and ring up orders quicker than ever. Our restaurant POS software comes with an intuitive interface designed specifically for the needs of takeout businesses.

Improve service with a quick
ordering system

With a cloud-based iPad POS, your staff can send orders to the kitchen in seconds, reducing wait times and order errors. Our restaurant POS will speed up your service and reduce long line-ups, allowing you to serve more customers and increase your bottom line. Your staff can will also have more time to interact with customers and ensure great customer service.

Make better informed
business decisions

Get detailed real-time restaurant sales reports of your revenue for any product, category or period of time so you can track your stock levels, adjust your menu and replenish your inventory based on real-time ordering. If you offer table service, you can know your table turnover rate and the profitability of your takeout and eat-in segments. Create and customize the end of day reports your restaurant needs to assess performance and identify the areas that need improvement.

Improve communication between the floor and the kitchen

Better coordinate your front and back-of-house operations with a POS that acts as a direct line of communication between the floor and the kitchen. With an ordering screen that is quick and easy to use, servers can communicate orders to the kitchen more quickly and reduce order errors, leading to an overall improvement in customer satisfaction. Plus, our restaurant POS offers a local server that saves all your data if ever your internet connection goes down. This way, you can run your business efficiently and reliably, regardless of the quality of your internet connection. Once it comes back, your data is pushed to the cloud.

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