Restaurant POS

Bring your fast casual business to the next level

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Communicate with the kitchen

Take orders, instantly sending them to the kitchen or bar ensuring they are completed quickly and accurately.

Help your staff upsell


Create pop ups for certain menu items, which will prompt your staff to sell more, helping to increase their tips and your bottom line.

Take payments anywhere

With integrated credit card payments, you can print receipts and finalize bills from your iOS device anywhere in the restaurant.

At my last business I didn’t have a POS and I was spending hours manually entering the days sales. Now, Lightspeed does all of that for me, all I need to do it log in.

- Adam Kiesler, North Star

Customize your POS security settings

Customizable security settings allow you to control what your staff has access to. You decide who can issue discounts, access the till, see financial statements and modify prices.

Manage your stock


Track what’s coming in and what’s going out with your POS stock management system. Keep your stock full and fresh, making sure you’re offering customers the best.

Manage your employees

See when employees are clocking in and clocking out, when they’re selling most and when there’s a lull. Get the information you need to manage scheduling and employees.

Cut down on wait time

Cut down on wait time

Dealing with a long line up? Send in employees with iPad minis to take orders on the fly. Faster service means happier customers.

Create your ideal flow

Lightspeed’s restaurant POS adapts to your way of doing business, giving you the flexibility to manage your workflows as you see fit.


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