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Ask Emma

− Let customers quickly order food and drinks through their mobile phone
− Use the Ask Emma app or Facebook Messenger
− Suitable for takeaway, food delivery and in-resto

“Customers pay through Bancontact, Payconiq, iDEAL, PayPal, VISA or Mastercard”

Connection with Lightspeed POS
Ask Emma comes in two versions: an App (for IOS and Android), and a chatbot via Facebook Messenger. In case you choose the Ask Emma integration, you will be featured in both the app as well as the chat.

The app is straightforward: people register (via Facebook or mail), and can order their food and drinks for takeaway, home delivery and (complementary with the Lightspeed Self Order) at your place – all products are imported from your Lightspeed POS, with the same category structure.

Lower your personnel costs
Ask Emma will cut down your personnel cost and increase your number of daily orders because it’s a zero-friction start.

Jim C., Balls & Glory : “I was truly impressed with the solution that the guys from Ask Emma came up with. The fact that you can choose either for app or a chat gives flexibility, and doing an order is simple stupid via this system”.

Bernard S., Otomat: “For me this system is a no-brainer. Seldom I’ve seen a system so intuitive to order, and I like the fact they have a large range of cost-effective payment options. It didn’t take me 5 seconds to decide to take this for my take-away orders”.

Pierre M., Tills Solutions: “We are one of the premium resellers of the Lightspeed Resto product, and over the years we have seen hundreds of solutions. I must say the Ask Emma had that wow-factor I look for, and it is perfectly compatible with Lightspeed. I had it sold to 2 of my customers the first day already”.

About us
Infinity Mobile is a Belgian startup focusing on “checkout-as-a-service”. It means we make the order and pay process as simple and easy as can be, but we do also try to increase the convenience for the restaurant owner: a great example is the Lightspeed integration.

Resto owners love their Lightspeed POS, and don’t want to use a different system for every single channel that sends orders. Infinity Mobile has offices in Ghent and Liege, and focuses on hospitality to bring new digital experiences to merchants and customers.

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