North Star Machines à Piastres

North Star: A labour of love

North Star: A labour of love

The minute you walk into Montreal’s brand new pinball bar North Star à piastres, located on the historic St. Laurent boulevard (locally known as The Main), one thing is evident: passion is what built this business.

From the vintage art and projected videos to the giant disco ball they affirm is the “world’s slowest disco ball” and the wide selection of bottles lining the wall behind the bar, North Star is one of a kind. As Montreal’s first and only pinball bar, the establishment boasts a lineup of beautifully restored vintage pinball machines dating back from the 50s to the 80s.

Bar owners Justin Evans, Marie-Lyne Tarabulsy and Adam Kiesler’s new business venture came out of their desire to reawaken the lost art of pinball. “We invite people to come, enjoy the atmosphere, play pinball, play records on the jukebox and have a good time,” Adam happily explains.

A concept years in the making

A concept years in the making

An idea several years in the making, Adam was previously the owner of a cafe and wanted to share his love of pinball machines with the world.

“This has been a big passion for me and it’s something I wanted to share with Montreal. Arcades are basically obsolete and my partners and I are trying to bring it back in a new way. Everything is curated to bring an amazing experience to the customers. This concept had been missing in Montreal and since opening about a month ago, the response has been phenomenal. People love playing pinball.”

The other staff members at North Star have also been pleased with the software, finding it easy to use. “We gave everybody a lesson on it and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. Everybody picked it up in a snap.”

Currently offering bar service, North Star has a counter ordering system set up with two POS systems and cash drawers at each end of their long bar. Not knowing what the future holds, however, was also a deciding factor for the bar. “Part of the reason we chose Lightspeed is that if we ever want to expand and offer table service or start opening tabs, the software is ready and will be able to adapt to whichever way we want to grow. Things are going extremely well and we’ll see what happens in the coming months.”

“It’s more than a business for me, this is my passion project. It’s my dream to expose people to the love of my life, which is pinball. The fact that other people respond to it and love our bar is a big bonus.”

— Adam Kiesler