La Ferme Blanche d'Asie

Namur, Belgium

La Ferme Blanche d’Asie is one of the finest Asian restaurants in Belgium. Whether you want a quick lunch with colleagues, a romantic dinner with your partner or a giant family celebration, there’s something on the menu for you. Far from being a one-trick pony, the chef cooking skills cover Asian cuisine as well as European cuisine.

Serving high-quality food and offering a high-quality service can seem like an easy thing for guests who sit at their table and don’t see the back office ecosystem. In the kitchen, though, every member of the team plays a part in delivering the best culinary experience. Timing, fresh ingredients, friendly waiters, there’s no room for failure and every detail matters.

La Ferme Blanche d’Asie has always been setting the trend, so when Lightspeed’s Self-Order Menu app was released in Europe, they immediately envisioned what it could mean for their guests. The best service is the service that you don’t notice, the presence that you can feel but that never disturbs.

“We don’t need a lot of waiters on the floor to offer great service.” - Ding Zhong Zhang, owner of La Ferme Blanche d’Asie

With Self-Order Menu, guests at La Ferme Blanche d’Asie can place their order whenever they want, directly from an iPad on their table. This is a game changer. You know the saying, “You are never as well served as when you serve yourself”; Self-Order Menu is not about having your guests cook their own meals and invade your kitchen, it’s about giving them the freedom to shape their own restaurant experience with your full support.

By letting guests tell them exactly what they want and automatically send their orders to the kitchen, La Ferme Blanche has ensured that the service is error free and quick. Guests are also ordering more as they don’t have to rely on anyone to get what they want. One tap and the drink is here.

La Ferme Blanche d'Asie

Namur, Belgium
As guests’ habits evolve, the service can’t remain the same. La Ferme Blanche has embraced technology which has enhanced the experience they were able to offer. Fewer errors, more efficiency, more orders, and more success.

Introducting Lightspeed Self-Order Menu

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