Our restaurant point of sale has the ease-of-use, speed and accessibility your brewery needs to keep all systems on-the-go. All information is kept on the cloud to give you an overview of what’s happening in your brewery - from the back room to the tap room - from anywhere, at any time.


Since the software and hardware for Lightspeed Restaurant is easy to set up, your operations won’t be slowed down. With our straightforward and easy-to-use interface, your staff will be up to speed and ready to take orders in no time. Getting started couldn’t be easier!

Fully customizable
floor plan

Need to move tables around? Whether you’re getting your brewery ready for a happy hour or a group tasting event, our restaurant point of sale’s customizable floor plan allows you to easily change layouts. It’s as simple as tap and drag! During a rush, your staff can also merge tables, add or delete seats and manage bills or bar tabs with ease.

Detailed menus

Add images, notes, and even ingredients to each menu item to truly showcase your individual brews right on your brewery POS. Not only will this speed up the learning curve for your staff, who will know exactly what they’re serving up, it will also help customers make informed ordering decisions so that they’re satisfied every time.

Easily integrate discounts and specials

Easily schedule any pricing discounts by day and time. Want your POS to offer happy hour discounts? No problem. Pre-set your specials on selected items and once your promotions are over, the system will automatically set pricing back to default.

Real-time reporting

Modify your seasonal brewing strategy with data from Lightspeed’s integrated reporting. Pull up a variety of reports to get an immediate overview of any aspect of your business. By quickly pulling up a cost report by menu item, for example, you’ll get an idea of your costs versus sales. Access sales history, customer preferences and other key metrics with the touch of a button, and start making great business decisions for the future.

Inventory management made easy

Manage your brewery inventory from anywhere using our point of sale system. Whether you’re ringing up orders in your brewery tap room or scanning bottles at the cash, our Restaurant point of sale will automatically update your stock levels in real-time.

Arm your staff with a cloud-based iPad POS to give them mobility and the freedom to focus on providing exceptional service. From our easy-to-use interface to centralized inventory management, our POS system will not only keep operations at your brewery flowing smoothly, it will help you take your business in the direction you want it to go.

Ready to see how our POS system can work for you?


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