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The nightclub POS that keeps you running after hours

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Find a system as contemporary as your club — tailored to for club.

Equipped your bar or nightclub with the tools needed to reduce cost and maximise your revenue. Lightspeed's POS is perfect for managing multiple location businesses too, allowing you to manage all inventory, data and orders via one centralised platform.

Prior to Lightspeed, we used a more conventional point of sale system. We wanted something cloud-based, more modern, sexier.
Elliot Anderson, Georgia Theatre Elliot Anderson, Georgia Theatre
<strong>Find a system as contemporary as your club — tailored to for club.</strong>
Introduce security to your bar
  • Eliminate staffing issues set restrictions for each employee based on responsiblity
  • Centralise stock management to ensure accurate stock control
  • Monitor profit margins on the sale of all food & beverage
  • Get a clear view of how individual staff members are performing

Treat every customer like a VIP

Create a memorable experience for all customers and give them yet another reason to come back to your bar.

  • Book and manages tables, VIP areas, deposits and booking packages
  • Effortlessly capture customer details and preferences
  • Build incentives and promotional tools to suit both quieter and busy times
  • Integrate payment services and accounting tools such as Quickbooks and other business software provide better service
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Treat every customer like a VIP
Effortlessly optimise all operations

Effortlessly optimise all operations

Setting up your POS hardware and software is simple with minimal start-up costs

  • Customise your POS and organise it anyway you like around your business, from drink variations to scheduled price changes
  • With your Lightspeed liteserver, never miss a sale even when the internet is down
  • Speed up service during peak periods with all your best sellers
  • Increase sales from automated promotions and reordering to suit business times
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Use data to business-critical decision

Use Lightspeed securely to access and store your business data via various devices to ensure accurate pricing, faster transactions, minimal human error and maximisation of revenue. Our encrypted platform is very secure, protecting your personal and sensitive information from those who do not have access.

  • Generate bespoke reports — by employee, earnings, day, etc.
  • Easily view your top sellers to plan your marketing strategy
  • Use insights available from your visual Lightspeed dashboard with real-time data
  • Access Analytics and reports on any device, anywhere in the world
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Use data to business-critical decision

Hear how others have benefit from Lightspeed...

  • Maison Cloakroom

    I love creating new experiences for people and I think that Lightspeed will definitely be a major factor in helping me do that.

  • Shepherd & Dog

    Revenue has doubled since we put in Lightspeed, it’s been really, really helpful.

  • Shutterbug

    At the beginning, it can seem a little scary, but after a few minutes of playing around, it becomes really simple. The whole layout is really cool and easy to understand, from orders to payment.

Speed up your staff

Take drink orders and have them immediately sent to the bartender without delay.

Take payments anywhere


With integrated credit card payments, you can print receipts and finalize bills from your iOS device anywhere — inside or on your terrace.

Split bills easily


No more bill splitting headaches! Split groups and move items around as your customers request.


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