Credit Card Processing for Australia

LightSpeed 3.6 introduces credit card processing for Australian customers with an integration and partnership with Tyro Payments. Below are some commonly asked-questions regarding how the integration works with Lightspeed.

Who is Tyro Payments and what do they offer?

Tyro Payments is an Australian-based company that offers merchant accounts and payment terminals to Australian retailers who wish to process credit and debit card payments in their stores.

How is Tyro Payments integrated with Lightspeed for Mac?

You can process credit and debit cards in Lightspeed if you have a Tyro Payments account and payment terminal set up on your Lightspeed Server. All payments and refunds made in the Browser or Point of Sale screen are completed on a Tyro Payments terminal when at the Payment screen.

How is Tyro Payments integrated with Lightspeed eCommerce?

Lightspeed eCommerce is not currently integrated with Tyro Payments.

How is Tyro Payments integrated with Lightspeed Mobile?

LightSpeed Mobile 1.6 can process credit cards via a Lightspeed for Mac station using the ‘Hand Off’ feature on the Payment screen. Due to the payment terminal-centric configuration of Tyro, the card swipe on a Linea Pro cannot be used to swipe the credit card. Future versions of Lightspeed Mobile will allow direct pairing with a payment terminal so that a Mac station does not have to be an intermediary when completing a transaction.

How do you set up a Tyro Payments account on Lightspeed Server?

Enter your Tyro Payments merchant ID (MID) in LightSpeed 3.6 or higher in the Credit Card Processing Setup panel.

How do I connect my payment terminal to Lightspeed Server?

Payment terminals are IP-based devices that connect to your Ethernet network and are configured via LightSpeed Server in the Credit Card Terminals Setup panel. Once configured they can be paired to any LightSpeed for Mac station in Station Setup, and can be paired to multiple stations simultaneously.

How do I obtain my Tyro Payments merchant account and payment terminal?

Contact your local Lightspeed reseller, or Tyro Payments Sales at 02 8907 1700 to learn how to obtain an account and payment terminal.

How do I obtain technical support for my Tyro Payments account?

Contact Tyro Payments at 1300 966 639 for technical support with your merchant account.