Petz Mobile

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  • Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series)
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  • Petz Mobile offers pet parents hyper-targeted, fraud proof, digital coupons that can be instantaneously redeemed through the Lightspeed POS for both brand and store coupons.
  • Petz Mobile’s technology is an easy way to engage pet parents, save them money, increase their average ticket and visits per month.
  • It is the #1 fraud-proof mobile marketing service for the industry and it is totally FREE to the retailer and pet parent.

Petz Mobile communicates with your pet parents on a weekly basis and has shown to increase return visits by as much as 150% per year.

Petz Mobile is FREE to all pet retailers and pet parents.

Lightspeed seamlessly integrates with Pet Mobile to allow retailers to reach their pet parents, every week, with digital coupons that offer great ways to save at their location(s.) This extremely advanced technology provides comfort to the pet retailers that all the digital coupons, both the retailer’s and the brand’s, are fraud-proof and hyper-targeted.

Now the retailer’s pet parents only see offers for the pets they have. Brand coupon redemption happens instantaneously, and the compensation is electronic to the pet retailer. By communicating every week with the pet parents, the retailer will see increased foot traffic, higher average tickets and return visit increases as high as 150% annually.