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booxi - Rental Management

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Manage your rentals with booxi

Keep track of your rental inventory in real time, at any time!
Thanks to booxi’s rental module, say goodbye to double bookings and never lose track of where your rental items are located.

Your employees, your services, and your clients are all synchronized with Lightspeed, which allows you to create Lightspeed sales directly from a rental booking, and to automatically synchronize both the client information, as well as the rental pricing information.


  • Equipment Checkout and Quick Search: Each rental and reservation can easily be found using the customer’s name, phone number, or booking confirmation number, as well as the item’s serial number or barcode.
  • Equipment Booking: Accept rental reservations online and ask custom questions for each rental item that is booked.
  • Rental Tracking: Get a real-time overview of all equipment bookings and usage. See who has reserved which item, which items are currently checked out, which have been checked back in, and which are overdue. 
  • Online and in-person payment: Collect either the total rental payment, or just a partial payment, at the time of booking.
  • Inform customers with automated confirmations, notifications and reminder messages

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