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Advertise (FREE) to brick & mortar shoppers, the moment they search for what you sell in store.

More customers are just a bnkle search from your door.

bnkle search is a web based platform that let’s the customers you want to reach, search the stores around them for what they want, before they go shopping. Because it’s saving them time and stress, they love it.

When you join bnkle and you’re connect your Lightspeed’ Point of Sale system to bnklesearch for free, so those brick and mortar shoppers can see you have what they are looking for, at the exact moment they are looking for it.
Meaning you get real buyers, straight your door!

Get active in less than 1 minute
Watch the video now to see how it works for shoppers …and for you

Category: Analytics, Marketing

Product: Retail

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