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BikeVIN has taken the digitization of VIN numbers to a whole new level.

Their digital solution for bike shops allows retailers to capture bicycle VIN/serial numbers which, when integrated with a Lightspeed POS system, gives a wealth of valuable information.

All a merchant has to do is create a BikeVIN button on their Lightspeed POS system and enter the number at the time of purchase. They can then instantly access valuable data such as who the owner of the bike is, where the bike was purchased, obtain counterfeit verification information and more.

This integration also allows bike shops to better interact with their customers, keeping riders informed about promotions, cycling clinics and upcoming events. As for the riders? They’re able to create custom profiles, access their own bike information from any desktop or smartphone and breath easy without worrying about receipts — BikeVIN has all the necessary information.

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Product: Retail

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