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Lightspeed x Assured Hotels

Hotel advisory firm Assured hotels has teamed up with the UK’s leading restaurant management system, Lightspeed. Together, they provide independently owned hotels and small hotel groups across the UK with the knowledge, expertise and tools to help them achieve maximum efficiency and sales.

Reputation | Engagement | Convenience

In the highly competitive hospitality market, the key to success in F&B is providing a memorable hotel experience, something that can only be achieved through innovating full-service concepts that immerse guests in these 3 key areas.

It became clear from the start of Assured Hotel's initial assessment of the business that they understood and identified our challenges. From this, they provided detailed support on the solutions that would make an immediate impact on the business, as well as for the longer term stability of Bredbury Hotel
Golam Sarwar, owner and Director of Bredbury Hall Hotel
Key drivers for profitability:

Key drivers for profitability:

  • Sleeper/diner ratio
  • Average spend per visitor
  • Competitor & market analysis
  • Staff (costings, training and L&D)
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Supplier relationships
  • Technology

As part of your full business review, you will receive a 3 month strategy plan alongside a longer term management agreement that highlights what you should be thinking of today… and beyond.

Short term paths to growth:

  • Operational restructure
  • Cross-promoting F&B services
  • Staff learning & development
  • Differentiating profit strategy for both local & corporate accounts
Short term paths to growth:
Long term paths to growth:

Long term paths to growth:

  • Room revenue & strategy
  • Building an online & social media presence
  • Menu design
  • Restaurant operation review & rebranding
  • Attracting core markets plan (staycationers, events and groups)
Case study: Bredbury Hotel

Case study: Bredbury Hotel

North West England, 150-bed hotel with food & beverage outlets, including a restaurant, brasserie, bar & nightclub.

Sector challenges:

  • Massive reduction in profit margins
  • Lack of separate identity for hotel restaurants
  • Poor revenue & payroll management
  • Low earnings before interest & tax


  • Increased branded and franchised hotel competition
  • Slower economic growth caused by Brexit and the weaker £
  • Decrease in National Minimum Wage
  • Increase in National Living Wage
  • Mixed outlook of spending in hospitality

By addressing these challenges, Assured Hotels have facilitated a financial turnaround that creates a new direction for the Bredbury Hall management team. All stakeholders have bought into the plan, underpinned by a well-documented and achievable 3-year business plan and equipped with financial projections to ensure long-term sustainable growth.

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