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Theme Infinite: a theme with perfection to near infinity. This beautiful theme is the most modern and customizable theme for Lightspeed eCom which is specifically focused on speed, user experience and conversion boosting. The theme is designed to be a perfect fit for every kind of store, but we have made 4 default presets for you to give you a head start. Of course you can change the whole color scheme and change all the settings:


Let our presets Home & Living, FashionGadgets and Wines & Drinks inspire you, and feel absolutely free to customize your own design.


Theme by Dyvelopment




Whereas a lot of other themes don't put the effort in small important details, Theme Infinite has given these important details extra attention to give you and the visitor the best experience possible. A lot of features, perfection and speed in a super slick design!


Key features:


  • Super fast loading times
  • Choose from three different menu types (mega menu, small menu and a medium menu)
  • Highly customizable to your own wishes
  • A lot a room for your USP's (unique selling points)
  • Advanced quick-view feature, and a quick-add-to-cart button
  • Add to cart button always visible on the product page
  • Product information displayed in tabs or below eachother
  • Support for Yotpo en Loyalty Lion, and widgets like Kiyoh and The Feedbackcompany
  • Special size chart feature (also adjustable to something other than a size chart)
  • support for count-down deals / timer
  • A lot of attention for Call-to-actions
  • Support for Google stars




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Over Dyvelopment

We design beautiful webshops and develop awesome custom solutions for your store. We're a true Lightspeed eCom specialist and the only official Lightspeed partner which can do design work as well as technical solutions. Want to see what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us.



If you have any questions about this theme, want to custom change some things in the design, or looking for a company to develop some technical solutions? Please contact us by mail or phone at [email protected] or +31 (0)24 2022 185.