Performance Groove

$26.50 / monthly
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  • Adaptive* design anno 2018 for an optimal UX for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Navigate on mobile like in an app (very user friendly)
  • The productpage is your new homepage! (Everything is processed according to the latest trends)
  • Filter on product inventory (user can filter on what is in stock)
  • Entering delivery times per day (Eg 'delivered on Saturday!')
  • Quick Navigation (including category images)
  • Timer Deal on the homepage (eg a 24 hour deal)
  • Lift your service to a higher level (including a comprehensive customer service page, FAQ and much more)
  • Design your own review block, it is possible! (forget about widgets with a lot of load time!)
  • With the renewed banner module you do not need Photoshop anymore (including color overlays)
  • Integrated data alerts for Google Tag Manager (in settings)
  • Theme Performance has been tested and optimized by specialists from various fields

With Theme Performance we lift Lightspeed eCom to a higher level.

Started with a mountain of ideas and eventually filtered into a theme in which you could make a success of every idea with a small effort. Whichever branch you are in.

See for yourself.

The presets

Satisfied clients:


We have used the individual qualities of our team and combined them into a fantastic global theme that has been thought through to the smallest details in the field of User experience, customer journey, user interface and design. Everything has been researched and deliberately decided.

By using the latest software we have managed to make a separate design set for each device (132 frames). This has resulted in an 'adaptive *' theme with a lot of details and functionalities.

(Adaptive web design: A design designed and designed separately for different devices).

For the whole story and the responsibility for our choices, click here.

The trends:

  • Shift from desktop to mobile use, UX and customer journey
  • The importance of a good product page, this is your new landing page
  • The visibility of good service and lead generation in a webshop


As usual in our themes we make it a sport to make it as fun as possible to organize it yourself. :) Similarly with Theme Performance:

About DMWS  

With a small team of specialists (8) in the field of design, UX, UI and development we try to push our boundaries every time we release a new theme, and with success: Our themes are the most installed themes in the Lightspeed themestore. We work exclusively and together with Lightspeed to achieve the best results.

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You can view the changelog of Theme Performance here