MailChimp Connector

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Please be aware: this is a temporary application. Lightspeed & MailChimp are collaborating closely on an application that is currently in development. Until this solution is ready to be launched, this connector will be available free of charge to help you with your basic needs. 

Connect your shop with MailChimp
Take charge of your email marketing with this MailChimp Connector!

 "Sends out millions of emails worldwide every day"


  • Import and synchronization of the entire contact list of your Lightspeed shop.
    The connector keeps track of which customers have given consent to receive emails
  • Import and synchronization of your entire inventory.
    You'll need to refer to your products when creating effective campaigns 
  • Synchronization of new orders which are placed in your Lightspeed shop from the moment you install the app.
    Orders coming in? include these customers in specific campaigns while referring to their recent purchases
  • Import the complete order history from your Lightspeed shop.
    Effectively segment your customer base by their prior purchases in your shop
  • Import and synchronization of all associated product pictures of your inventory.
    Including pictures of your products increases conversion.