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Le Trunkshop is growing beyond a pop-up shop with Lightspeed.

Le Trunkshop was founded as a pop-up shop in 2015. Owner Lino Catalano’s inspirational designs connected with his customers, opening the door for Le Trunkshop to become a permanent store. Today, Le Trunkshop has grown into a multi-store operation.

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Apparel store

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Lightspeed Retail
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Montreal, Canada


In the pop-up, owner Lino was doing everything by hand. Enthusiasm for Le Trunkshop’s original designs quickly grew larger than their check-out capabilities. Even after switching to a non-Lightspeed POS, Le Trunkshop was weighed down by inefficient processes and long wait times for support: “We had a different system, but it wasn’t as efficient. We worked with a company that wasn’t local and it was a different experience.”


For Le Trunkshop, switching to Lightspeed meant getting a POS that can keep up. Easy-to-use inventory management tools streamline their workflow from restocking to transaction. Because Lightspeed monitors inventory and sales, Lino has access to concrete data about Le Trunkshop’s profit margins: “It helps with our markdowns—when we do a sidewalk sale, it helps us control our margins so we know how much we’re selling and whether we’re making our ends meet. We need to know whether we’re underselling.”

"When we do a sidewalk sale, it helps us control our margins so we know how much we’re selling and whether we’re making our ends meet."

Le Trunkshop thrives on the loyalty of its customers. Lightspeed Loyalty opened the door for Lino to reward his regulars in a way they truly connected with: “When we tell customers we have a loyalty app, they want to sign up right away. It’s a yes, because they’re getting something back. We get loyal customers and they appreciate what we’re getting them. My customers are very important to me and the Lightspeed loyalty app helps me give back to them.”

Le Trunkshop is growing intelligently with Lightspeed

Boost loyalty, streamline your workflows and make better business decisions.

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