Founded in 2011 in New York City, Todd Snyder is one of the biggest independent luxury brands in the world. Selling in-store in the United-States and Japan and online across the globe, Snyder is known for mixing elegance and comfort. A perfect fit for big city people who are always on the move, but refuse to sacrifice style.

Tre, manager of the brand’s flagship store in New York City, has been in retail since 1997. That year, he started at HMV. He quickly felt like the apparel industry would be a better fit and continued his career working for Levi’s, Prada, and Louis Vuitton, before finally joining Todd Snyder. Years of experience have allowed him to see both sides of the shopping experience, which has helped him create more than a retail store for Todd Snyder, but a space of interactions where customers get the most personalized service possible.

Tre from Todd Snyder

Lightspeed allows me to do sales in the fitting room, to ring people up in the front of the store, to take someone's exchange or return the minute they walk in.
Every problem…

Every problem…

Rethinking the in-store experience

Approachable and luxury? These two words don’t seem to go well together. If luxury retail is often synonymous with top quality fabrics and precise designs, the service is often cold and impersonal, a sign of respect from a retail employee to the wealthiest customers. At Todd Snyder, Tre decided to flip that relationship around to match the reality of modern retail. As everyone surfs online to access more options than ever, physically bringing people into a store is the new challenge. Having the best products? It’s simply not enough anymore; everyone is says that their products are the best on the market.

So what’s the new differentiator? The in-store experience. “We offer people a drink the minute they walk in, it’s very relaxed. They’re looking for an experience. Here they don’t feel like they are actually shopping”, explains Tre. While the team is talking to customers, who is running the back-end? How do they make sure that the information shoppers get is always accurate? How do you give people the same experience online and offline? Tre had to answer all these questions and find the right tools to make his vision a reality.

... has a solution.

... has a solution.

Empowered by Lightspeed

Lightspeed immediately seemed to match Tre’s vision of a customer-centric shopping experience. First with an omnichannel solution that would help the business interact with customers everywhere they shop, online and in-store, seamlessly. With a single inventory to manage and centralized data, a customer is recognized across channels. This allows the team to have a 360 degree overview of what their customer base want to see and buy.

Saving time on the operational side of the business allowed Tre to build a team that would quickly master Lightspeed’s easy-to-use POS system and really be with the customer every step of the way. Customers know that they will leave the store with exactly what they want. They know that the staff will have all the answers they need. So they come back.  

With Lightspeed Retail, manage your inventory and sell online with a single system.