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Pastel is bringing a brand new experience to diners with Lightspeed

Pastel’s owner, Kabir Kapoor, first broke onto the Quebec dining scene with Le Fantome, an innovative tasting-menu experience that sought to redefine how les Québécois approached fine dining. After much success refining the concept, Kapoor opened Pastel to take it to the next level.


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Kapoor had a specific vision for Pastel—instead of an everyday dining experience, a meal at Pastel should wow you. You should walk away from each plate with new knowledge about the unique ingredients and techniques the chefs use, therefore knowing “just the basics” wasn’t going to be enough for Pastel’s staff. To that end, Kapoor needed a POS that could keep up and help them evolve to offer diners new and innovative dishes season after season.


With Lightspeed, Kapoor can manage the restaurant from anywhere with just an iPad, which means he can make changes to Pastel’s unique menu on the fly and pull reports to make informed decisions for the future of Pastel. “When I open up Lightspeed, my main focus is the reports. The more data I can get about what customers ate and what they spent their money on, the better an experience I can create,” says Kapoor.

At the heart of it all, Pastel is a place for diners to indulge in a love of high-quality food. Pastel’s chefs practice shokunin, the Japanese art of mastering your craft, and this passion translates into every dish, naturally promoting unforgettable dining experiences. Kapoor shares: “What gives us the most joy is reading about their experience and how they describe their food. That’s why we do what we do and makes it all worthwhile.”

"When I open up Lightspeed, my main focus is the reports. The more data I can get, the better an experience I can create."

Pastel is embracing creative, innovative dining experiences with Lightspeed

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