London, UK

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and its progressive restaurant scene encompasses varying cuisines. For those craving delicate flavours from our neighbours across the Channel, Gazette is the first port of call.


In about four hours you can set up your restaurant, your database, your table plan – everything. The potential is immense. Walter Lecocq, Owner
London, UK

Let the world's most powerful point of sale system work for you.

The Gazette restaurant group operates three French-style brasseries around London: think chic dining rooms with seasonal and classic dishes like moules marinières and foie gras. The restaurants attract Francophones and Francophiles alike, so a personalised service for a ‘home away from home’ feel is vital. This is why they chose Lightspeed Restaurant as their preferred point of sale, connecting all three establishments.

“We wanted to save time from the moment the order is taken to when it reaches the kitchen. Lightspeed has offered us the possibility of cutting that minute or two each time.”

One of the staff’s favourite Lightspeed features at the Gazette is the iPad order-taking module. Orders for food and beverages are sent directly to the kitchen in seconds. This allows them to minimise the time spent away from the customer, and makes dining a smoother experience for waiting staff and patrons.

Being able to show a dish to customers before they place their order, as well as adding customisable notes with valuable information, such as wine pairings and recommendations, directly into the iPad, are particularly important for an upscale Bistro representing one of the world’s great wine nations.

“This is the sort of system that any business in any city could benefit from, but specifically London...The London crowd is extremely, extremely demanding: service has to be fast and efficient.” Walter Lecocq, owner.

Owner Walter Lecocq loves the software’s reporting capabilities; he can analyse the performance of each branch remotely from one centralised platform. Operating a cloud-based system means that he can access daily, weekly or monthly statistics and change his menus, prices and strategies for all locations at the same time, depending on what is popular with his customers.

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