Fred Baker Cycles

Bristol, United Kingdom

As the longest running independent bike shop in Bristol, known as the UK's contemporary hub for cyclists and bike shops, Fred Baker Cycles first established by Fred Baker. As one of two independent bike shops at the time, Fred Baker Cycles has been a pioneer in the industry ever since. Now run as a family business by Steve Farrell, a former IT specialist, and his son, a mechanic, both have coined their passion for bikes to deliver the best possible customer service for cyclists. Fred Baker Cycles have channelled a focus on providing efficient turn around times for repairs and service, as well as creating a memorable experience for their customers.

Supporting business operations

Supporting business operations

Lightspeed's EPOS system has been the perfect tool for growing businesses such as Fred Baker Cycles and like-minded independent retailers who are ambitious about their brand and wish to expand the functionalities of their business to attract my customers. Ultimately, there is an abundance of features, all of which can be manipulated based on retailing needs.

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It gives me the ability to see the trends, the evaluation of stock, knowing what I've got, what I've sold, what's selling, what's not selling
Steve Farrell Steve Farrell
A flexible approach to selling

A flexible approach to selling

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An EPOS like Lightspeed is fundamental. It gives me the ability to see trends, the valuation of stock, knowing what's selling and what's not selling. And because it's in the cloud, no matter where I am, I can see this information
Differentiating from competitors

Differentiating from competitors

In an attempt to keep up with the fast-moving industry and the immense growth in retailers and specialists in the area, providing a memorable experience for all who walk through the door.

Our workshop that provides a high quality of work as well as our turnaround. We treat every person that walks into our shop as an equal. All in all, we aim to do a good deed every day, such as helping a wheelchair user with a puncture or assist in the setup of a child's bike
Steve Farrell

"With Lightspeed, we also have another shop as well which does bike rentals so we've got DRM tracked which was perfect because we could synchronise the two which made it really really easy"