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Originally from Winnipeg, Simon Tooley was always into fashion and design. After studying design in Paris, he moved to Montreal and worked at his partner’s aesthetic medicine clinic. He soon saw an opportunity in the cosmetics industry and Etiket was born.

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Montreal, Canada


Luxury cosmetics is not an easy industry; customers expect top quality products and services, and each has their own preferences, allergies, skin textures, and more. Simon had to know his customers to keep them coming back, but didn’t have a way to track customer details. Simon also wanted to sell online without doubling the work by managing two separate systems. And with thousands of boxes on Etiket’s shelves, he needed an inventory management system that gave him full visibility of all stock at all times.


In Lightspeed, Simon found technology that helps him connect with customers while running all operations in the background. “Nobody knows what our technology is, they just know that it works. They have a question? We have the answer.” With customer profiles and tags, any new employee can see what a returning customer likes right away. Best of all? Simon can manage Etiket’s online and brick-and-mortar inventory and data on a single platform, from anywhere in the world.

"Nobody knows what our technology is, they just know that it works. They have a question? We have the answer."

Etiket’s staff improves customer interactions with Lightspeed

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