Banh Mi Queen

Montreal, Quebec

Julie Bisson and Andre Nguyen already have three restaurants in their portfolio of Asian eateries and bars in Montreal’s hip Plateau, but the the fourth one is an especially personal one for Julie, who has always wanted a sandwich shop. Back in Vietnam, Andre’s mom owned a banh mi cart, selling sandwiches to anyone who wanted something filling, fresh and delicious on the go.

Banh Mi Queen emulates this vision, but with a Quebecois flare. Showcasing a fusion of Quebec and Vietnamese food culture, Banh Mi Queen is serving up traditional sandwiches, as well as sandwiches that represent the local neighbourhood with menu items like a falafel banh mi. Also on the menu are salads, and available seasonally, soups and soft-serve ice-cream.

What Julie enjoys most about Lightspeed is the fact that her restaurant POS is cloud-based, which allows her to check in on how her sandwich shop is doing from wherever she is. With four eateries under their belts and a toddler in tow, time and flexibility are very two important factors to Julie.

With the reporting feature, she doesn’t need to wait around for cash out at the end of the night to see how her sandwich shop is doing. She can log in and check in from home or from one of her other restaurants.

"With Lightspeed, I don't have to pull long hours at the restaurant. I can pack up, go home and check in again later on in the evening."

With so many choices to choose from on St. Laurent, make sure you don’t pass by Banh Mi Queen! Grab a banh mi on the go and get a taste of Vietnam… and Quebec.

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