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Arrive Hotels lets guests send restaurant tabs straight to their rooms.

From Austin to North Carolina, Arrive Hotels’ boutique chain is made great by their staff. “Our team is fanatically committed to making stuff work,” notes COO Noah Ellis. “It's real humans doing the work, and our focus is to connect to guests and get it right. And I think we work harder than many others.”

Arrive Hotels

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Tennessee, Texas and North Carolina, USA


Arrive Hotels was looking for a cloud-based point of sale to integrate with their current systems. Their priority? Offer a smooth ordering experience by having restaurant and in-room service charges added to a guest’s final bill. “We were looking for a POS to integrate with the property manager and we liked the idea of the iPad-based system, just because it’s a little easier,'' says Noah. They wanted the clutter-free convenience of an easy-to-use POS.


Enter Lightspeed. Seamlessly and quickly integrating with their other systems, the intuitive iPad-based solution was just what Arrive Hotels needed. For Noah, it was a simple decision: “It definitely solves our needs better than any other products”. Now Arrive Hotels can rest easy and make their guests’ lives easier by allowing them to send charges straight to their hotel room. Guests get to fully relax, without having to worry about carrying their credit cards throughout their stay.

"It’s the best option in the market right now, so we’re comfortable using it at the next location and the one after that."

With their new POS, Arrive Hotels makes guest billing easy.

Provide your guests with the best experience in their home away from home.

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