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Amali Gifts is a thriving apparel and gift shop in Southern Australia. In 2005, owner Emma Male founded the shop as a way to support both herself and manufacturers in her community. Offering locally made shoes, clothing, candles and home accessories, Amali Gifts is a is now a pillar of their community.

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Naracoorte, Australia


By 2017, Emma was ready for a point of sale that would save her time. The must-haves? She needed to expand her online store, tracking her inventory both in-store and online without wasting time cross-referencing spreadsheets. She wanted a system that was intuitive and quick for her whole team to learn. And she needed a POS that, unlike most of the models she was considering, let her get up and running fast, with zero hiccups.


With Lightspeed’s integrated in-store POS and eCommerce platforms, Emma has full visibility of all inventory at all times. Rather than spend 100+ hours to complete a stock-take at the end of the year, Emma can simply download an inventory report that includes both online and in-store stock. The intuitive Lightspeed interface helped Emma get her store online quickly and start selling right away. “Getting the system live is as easy as checking a few boxes”.

"Getting the system live is as easy as checking a few boxes."

Emma Male, Owner

Amali Gifts started selling online fast with Lightspeed

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