Whiskey Shop: A Go-To in Brooklyn for a Well-Curated Selection

Whiskey Shop: A Go-To in Brooklyn for a Well-Curated Selection

Nothing says relief like a strong drink at the end of a long week. With over 100 varieties, The Whiskey Shop in Williamsburg is only too happy to indulge fans of the brown elixir.

Justin Ruotolo opened his storefront in the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood with brother George and partner Rob Magill in 2011 after working in the bar and service industry for many years (he also owns The Whiskey Brooklyn located next-door, as well as two other bars in Manhattan). Williamsburg is a good spot for a Whiskey-focused store because the area is a foodie mecca.

“I think that people like coming here because we’re a small, specialty store. Our staff is passionate about the product, which you don’t always find in a ‘big-box’ environment,” says Justin.

People visit Whiskey Shop to find unique bottles they might not be able to find anywhere else.

“A lot of our customers like to host gatherings and are looking to impress their guests, with something special like a bottle of Japanese Nikka Takasuru Pure Malt.”

What’s Justin’s favorite bottle? That would have to be the store’s proprietary brand, Tom Lawless American Whiskey, he says.

“It’s specifically made for us and you can only buy it from our shop. It’s light and smooth with notes of vanilla. You can really drink it anywhere and anytime.”