Top Tips for Holiday Retail

Top Tips for Holiday Retail

The holiday season is undeniably the most important part of the year for all retailers. It can also be the most chaotic, making it easy to lose sight of simple things you can do to simplify the sales process. As the shopping season reaches its plateau, here are three things to keep in mind:

Email Receipts: Aside from not having to waste receipt paper, digital receipts are exponentially more secure for your customers. Rather than having to worry about easily lost or damaged slips of paper, a virtual receipt is available to them at all times. Emailing receipts also accelerates the checkout process, which is a win for the both of you. And when you email a receipt, you have now collected your customer’s email address which makes it easy to use for follow up promotions and campaigns.

Refund to a gift card: Let’s admit that although no retailer likes to think about returns, they occur most frequently during – and after – the holidays. In the case that you don’t offer a full cash refund, gift cards make it easy to offer store credit. Gift cards also keep track of the store credit as customers make purchases. Just select the “gift card” option once in the refund process and LightSpeed will handle the rest.

Layaways and special orders: Shoppers love options, and being able to reserve an item or wait for that special something even if it’s not in stock mean you won’t lose that sale. LightSpeed’s POS products offer customers the option of putting a deposit on an item and making payments, whether it’s a special order or an item that’s in-stock.

Don’t forget that during this busy time of year, we’re here to help. Log in to your LightSpeed account to talk to us over the web, or give us a call at 866-932-1801.