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This Week in Retail

This Week in Retail

Talk about blending tech with fashion! Fashion house Christian Dior aims at attracting millennials with its new “Dior Eyes” – a virtual reality headset that shoppers can try on in stores. Dior Eyes will give people at 3D experience of behind-the-scenes footage of various runway shows. (Luxury Daily)

Despite some skepticism surrounding Apply Pay, the contactless system is currently launching in the U.K. In the U.S, the system isn’t as popular as some had probably hoped, as less than 25% of major retailers use it. So far, 250,000 stores around the United Kingdom will be accepting Apple Pay. (The Independent)

If your store sells unique items from independent designers or local makers, you might be a bigger hit with wealthy consumers than Louis Vuitton. Being low-key about luxury is currently en vogue, as is sporting lesser known brands. Brands with logos conspicuously displayed are now considered too run-of-the-mill and even tacky. (The Washington Post)

Barnes and Noble doesn’t exactly conjure the image of a hotspot for millennials, but through clever marketing, they’re getting this generation’s attention. They understand how to build relationships with millennials by sharing the right kinds of content, and teaming up with BuzzFeed. (DIGIDAY)

Yet another example of a well-known Internet retailer joining the physical shopping world: Blue Nile. The discount diamond e-retailer is familiar to consumers, which is why they’re confident the new “Webroom” store in Seattle will be a success. Customers will be able to check out the precious stones with expert consultants, but the sales are all made online with the option to pick up in store. (The Seattle Times)

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