The Right Etiket: How the Montreal Skincare Store Provides its Customers with Discreet Service

The Right Etiket: How the Montreal Skincare Store Provides its Customers with Discreet Service

Etiket is more of a destination than your typical cosmetics store. Stepping inside their serene Montreal boutique is like stepping into a spotless sanctuary.

From day one the three-year-old company, which sells skincare products typically only available through dermatologists, as well as hair care products, niche fragrances and certain spa services like peels and facials, has worked hard to build solid relationships with its clients, says owner Simon Tooley. LightSpeed is part of that strategy.

“People come in wanting solutions for everything from adult acne to under-eye bags. They’re trusting us to help them with problems that can be embarrassing to talk about, ” Tooley explains.

Etiket uses LightSpeed to track customers’ progress as they embark on different treatment options. Often they’ll begin a “starter” regime and then move onto something more intense as time goes on, typically coming in every 4-8 weeks, Tooley adds. That’s why the store keeps detailed customer records with LightSpeed and notes every piece of data, including anecdotal information.

“Customers come in and it’s like a routine for them,” he says. “If they are being helped by someone new, that associate needs to know everything about their last purchase and about their skin issues. If a customer always has to repeat their story, it jeopardizes trust.”

And instead of just using a desktop till, Etiket uses LightSpeed Pro for iPad to offer discreet checkout to its customers who are undergoing spa treatments. In the privacy of the treatment room, the store’s estheticians snap before and after photos of their clients, prepare the invoice and use the Show and Tell feature to consult them on their next purchase. The time the consultants spend with their customers is valuable and allows them to relax and enjoy their experience, Tooley explains.

“Our goal here is results, not sales. When people see results, we know they’ll keep coming back.”