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Retail Round-Up: Which Retail Trends Will Make it to 2020

Retail Round-Up: Which Retail Trends Will Make it to 2020

Forbes predicts 5 trends that will likely be adopted by most retail stores by 2020. Embracing “showrooming” by creating museum-like experiences, beacon technology, mobile payment apps, and new uses of sensory technology will all be the norm in a few short years. They predict that mobile technology will enable a more streamlined checkout experience – we happen to agree! (Forbes)

Crate and Barrel have boosted their online sales by 10% by adapting to ever evolving customer expectations. They are focused on their mobile-first strategy, and sales associates in the chain’s 170 stores in the U.S. are being equipped with web-enabled iPads to help shoppers create or update and maintain an online gift registry and shop for products online or from store inventory.  (Internet Retailer)

Stuart Weitzman understands the importance of Instagram, which is why they’re bringing their campaigns to the next level with partially animated photos called cinemagraphs. They know how to get messages in front of their target market aged 22-40 years old – on their smartphones. (Chain Store Age)

If there’s a “retail crisis” in Canada, The Hudson’s Bay Company certainly hasn’t gotten the memo. After its purchase of Saks Fifth Avenue in 2013, net profits have skyrocketed, notably in the quarter that ended January 31st with 61 cents per share – nearly four times higher than the previous year. (Huffington Post)

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