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Retail Round-Up: Holiday Predictions and Social Media Stars

Retail Round-Up: Holiday Predictions and Social Media Stars

There have been mixed predictions about how holiday sales will look this year, but recent strong sales at Best Buy, Target, and Williams-Sonoma might be foreshadowing a hopeful holiday season for retailers. The reason might be lower gas prices, or more overall optimism compared to last year. (Bloomberg)

Looks like global warming affects apparel sales, too. Erratic weather in Europe is causing retailers to buy from vendors more often, rather than the usual seasonal buys. They’re also buying garments from manufacturers in countries that can provide shorter lead times, such as Turkey as opposed to China. (Reuters)

Which retailers are leading the way when it comes to implementing the newest tech? Online jewelry seller Blue Nile has deployed an app that allows shoppers to see what an engagement ring would look like on their own hand. Macy’s, Rebecca Minkoff, Lowe’s, and Sephora have adopted mobile apps, virtual reality rooms and features that bring shopping to a whole new level. (CNBC)

Patagonia’s marketing strategy should be an inspiration for all. The socially-conscious brand releases short films that convey the story of their brand, and urges people to share their own stories about their Patagonia products. They use inspirational film-making to urge their customers to take action and contribute to environmental preservation. Talk about a strategy with a purpose. (Fast Company)

Celebrities aren’t the only effective brand ambassadors. Social influencers, or people with a very large social following (who aren’t necessarily Hollywood celebrities), are attracting companies who want them to get their products exposed over social media. These “popular people” on social media are followed by millions, are key tastemakers and a dream for  lifestyle brands looking for organic consumer engagement. (Huffington Post)

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