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Retail Round-Up: Hiring Top Talent at H&M, and the Strong U.S. Dollar

Retail Round-Up: Hiring Top Talent at H&M, and the Strong U.S. Dollar

If you’re looking to hire and retain happy employees for your store, take a page out of H&M’s book. The retail giant is expanding in the U.S. at rapid fire pace, and is hiring accordingly. They’re offering above average wages, generous holiday time, and giving employees the training they need to make decisions autonomously – all in an effort to create a better brand and environment for shoppers. (USA Today)

Tourists are great for companies like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, but today’s strong American dollar – is maybe less than great. The dollar’s current value is now translating to weaker sales for these department stores in cities like Las Vegas, New York and Chicago. Moreover, big-name retailers are seeing bottom lines shrink for another reason: many American millennials are spending their hard-earned dollars at fast-fashion chains like Forever 21 as opposed to investing in more expensive and higher quality garments. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Luxury handbags aren’t cool when just about everyone can get their hands on them.Michael Kors, which was wildly popular a few years ago, saw a 37% drop in shares this year. The brands different price points were so accessible that too many people were sporting it – dramatically reducing its allure. (Business Insider UK)

Babies and children go through clothes almost as fast as other essentials like diapers and bottles. It’s why this couple founded Primary, a new children’s clothing company that sells high-quality basics for under $25. They understand that parents want low-cost items without compromising good taste. (Fast Company)

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