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Retail Round-Up: Google’s New Store and America’s Biggest Mall to be Built in Miami

Retail Round-Up: Google’s New Store and America’s Biggest Mall to be Built in Miami

Google has a new milestone to celebrate: the recent opening of its first brick-and-mortar store in London. Shoppers can enjoy a “googley” experience, with fun experimental pieces of tech, a 3D Google Map installation, and lots of opportunities to test Google’s android products. (Business Insider)

Sometimes, bigger is better–at least in the case of American malls. While many malls around the country are closing, a Canadian company is planning to build the largest shopping center in the U.S in Miami, where a huge influx of Latin American tourists come to shop. (The Wall Street Journal)

Marketers are taking advantage of adult women’s nostalgic memories of Disney’s Cinderella. The newest live-action Cinderella movie has just hit theatres, and companies such as Jimmy Choo and M.A.C Cosmetics are promoting their fairy-tale themed products. The glittery eyeshadows and ultra feminine outfits are targeted at women aged 35-55 who hold their fondness of Disney princesses dear–talk about timeless taste! (The Washington Post)

The all-important teen market seems to approve of American Eagle Urban Outfitters again. The two companies are seeing a bit of a turnaround after consecutive periods of low sales. It looks like they’ve gotten spring trends right this year, will Abercrombie’s fate follow suit? (CNBC)

The closing of stores like Radio Shack, Wet Seal, Aéropostal, and Office Depot will mean new opportunities for online players. Online-turned-brick-and-mortar companies like Birchbox, Bonobos, and Warby Parker are expected to be taking over retail spaces across America. (Forbes)

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