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Retail Round-Up: Ethical Mass Market Retailers, and Etsy’s IPO

Retail Round-Up: Ethical Mass Market Retailers, and Etsy’s IPO

How well does your favorite fast-fashion retailer rate on the ethics scale? Since the widespread awareness of sweatshops and other unethical practices in the garment industry, many companies have cracked down on corrupt practices. From Uniqlo to Zara, here’s what some of the major retail chains are doing to reduce subpar working conditions, and where they could still improve. (Huffington Post)

Will Etsy’s pending IPO spell big changes for the thousands of handicraft sellers? While investors seek scale and profitability, Etsy’s passionate artisans want intimacy. Many think the homemade charm of Etsy will be lost, and that it will become another EBay. (Bloomberg)

Puerto Rico is about to get a serious taste of luxury. The U.S Commonwealth and tropical paradise has a shaky economy, but that doesn’t seem to be a deterrent to Taubman Properties, as there is little luxury shopping on the island. (CNBC)

J.C. Penney wants to attract a younger, fashion-forward crowd by sprucing up their hair salons. They plan on rebranding them with the name “The Salon”, to shake off their “dowdy” reputation using updated designs, equipment, and marketing strategy. (The Wichita Eagle)

Is Twitter growing despite declining revenues? The social media company says their active users are up 20 percent since last year, but their latest quarterly earnings report suggests they’ve been declining. No matter which way you see it, revenue in 2014 was $1.4 billion, a 111 percent increase compared to 2013, which is pretty impressive for companies looking to use Twitter to advertise. (ADWEEK)


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